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Welcome To The

Mike Huckabee California Coalition for Faith and Family Values

This new organization is in conjunction with the national Mike Huckabee Coalition for Faith and Family Values and with state and local chapters growing all over the country. 

The Coalition is a network of pastors, para-church, and other similar leaders who support Gov. Mike Huckabee as their candidate of choice for President of the United States of America. 

If you are a pastor, seminarian, or para-church leader and would like to become a member of the coalition and take part in this grassroots effort, contact Pastor Sherwood Haisty, Jr. Chairman of the Mike Huckabee California Coalition for Faith and Family Values. 

We are also trying to recruit as many volunteers as possible to help reach out to the numerous pastors and similar leaders accross California and build the organization to get out the vote.

If you would like to become apart of this grassroots effort, contact us by email at…